Solicitors Permit

Euless now requires solicitors to wear an identifiable traffic safety vest and an identification badge. If a solicitor appears at your door, ask to see their permit if it's not prominently displayed. The badge will provide the name and address of the solicitor, solicitor's employer, principal or organization, kind of goods or services to be sold or offered for sale. In hopes to keep deceptive practices out of Euless, solicitors who ask for cash deposits or advance payments for future delivery of services are now required to pay a bond.

If the solicitor is in any way rude, discourteous, or otherwise suspicious, call 9-1-1 and an officer will respond to investigate the situation. The Chief of Police can suspend permits if necessary.

Tips to recognize a registered solicitor:

  • Must wear a traffic safety vest and visibly display the issued City of Euless badge
  • Are not allowed to distribute to a house with a posted sign that says "NO SOLICITORS" or "NO TRESPASSING"
  • Are not allowed before 8:30 a.m. or after dark or 9 p.m., whichever is earlier on a given day
  • Are not permitted to place a flyer outside a home if there are existing flyers present
  • A minor must be under the constant supervision of a person eighteen years of age or older

There are a few exceptions to the solicitors' ordinance that do not require registration with the City including: political or religious support or recruitment, and government employees posting code violations, water restrictions, utility outages, burn bans, special event impacts, or security issues etc.

For more information or questions regarding the updates to this ordinance, please call 817-685-1500.

For Solicitors

If you are a solicitor who wishes to do business in Euless, please follow the instructions and rules provided with this Solicitor Application.