Law Enforcement Related Scams

Recently we have seen a rise in a new type of scam targeting our community. A person receives a phone call from someone claiming to be with Law Enforcement. The caller states that the person they are calling has warrants for their arrest or that they owe the government a sum of money(IRS). The person is then instructed to go and purchase Green Dot money packs or similar items and to give the caller the code number on the back of them. We have also seen cases where the caller is instructed to wire money through Western Union or Money Gram. The caller is threatened with arrest if they don’t immediately comply. DO NOT do this. This is a scam. If you receive a call like this try and determine where the caller is claiming you have warrants out of and call that agency or entity directly. Once the caller receives the code the money is transferred to a Green Dot card and then withdrawn. IT CAN NOT BE RECOVERED after this point.

Another type of scam we have received complaints about is the relative in jail scam. Elderly individuals are usually the targets of these scams. The caller claims to be a relative (usually a granddaughter or grandson) and claims that they are in jail. The caller request that they contact a person at a certain number or tells them that a bondsman will be contacting them in a few minutes and ask for help in getting out of jail. The victim will then either receive a phone call or call the number given to them and speak to a person claiming to be a bondsman. This “bondsman” is a fake and will usually ask for a credit card number, a Green Dot Money pack number or ask the victim to meet them somewhere to give them money for their loved ones bond. DO NOT DO THIS. This is a scam. Find out at what jail the loved one is supposedly being held and verify whether they are there or not. Always meet a Bondsman at their office or at the Jail where you are bonding the person out.