Garage Sale Registration Form

Euless residents seeking to hold a garage sale must first register their sale. You can register for free online or in person at the Planning and Development Office.

Please note that garage sales can only occur at an address 2 times a year.

Online Registration

Complete all this following steps to register your garage sale.

You will need to:

  1. Select the location of your garage sale.
  2. Provide the start date for the sale.
  3. Give us your contact information.
  4. Choose if you want your sale added to the online listing.
  5. Finally review and submit your registration.

It is important to understand the rules regarding secondhand goods and sign ordinance regulations which include these sections of the City of Euless Code of Ordinances: Sec. 62-26. Definitions, Sec. 62-27. Locations and conditions of conducting, Sec. 62-29. Advertisement of occasional sales, and Sec. 84-232. (27) Garage Sale Sign Definitions and requirements. Signs in violation of these regulations will be removed by city staff.