(Operational permits are valid for one year unless specified otherwise herein or as allowed by the 2015 IFC)

    1. Amusement Buildings$150
    2. Explosives
      1. Retail Sales (Gun Shops, etc.)$50
      2. Commercial Storage$150
      3. Other Uses (gas perforating, construction use, etc.)
        (15 day permit unless specified otherwise on the permit)
    3. Flammable/Combustible Liquid
      1. Removal of Fuel from Tanks$50
      2. Tank Removal From Service$100 per tank
      3. Change of Contents - Tank$50 per tank
      4. Manufacturing and Processing$100
    4. Gates Crossing Fire Lanes$40 per site
    5.  Hazardous Materials
      (Includes aerosols, battery systems, compressed gases, cryogenic fluids, flammable & combustible storage/handling/use and refrigeration permits as defined by the IFC if within the scope of those permits)
      $75 per site
      1. Storage Tanks$150 per site
    6. Hot Work Operations$75 per site
    7. Liquid or Gas Fueled Vehicles in Assembly Building$50
    8. LP Gas$40
    9. Mobile Fuel Dispensing Operations$100
    10. Open Burning - Trench (TCEQ Air Curtain)$500
    11. Open Burning - Cooking\CeremonialNo charge
    12. Pyrotechnic Special Effects (Fireworks - aerial)$400
    13. Pyrotechnic Special Effects (Theatrical)$75 per time period specified on permit
    14. Speed Bumps in Fire Access Road (Fire Lane)$40 per site

    *All construction permits, unless otherwise specified herein, are charged a fee based on the cost of the work to be performed. The fee table used is the same table used for valuing miscellaneous permits as specified in Section 30-15 (b). of this Code.

    1. Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks*
      1. Generator Belly Tanks that are manufactured as part of the generator$150
    2. Battery Systems*
    3. Chemical Fire Extinguishing System*
    4. Compressed Gas Systems*
    5. Cryogenic fluids*
    6. Egress Control Devices*
    7. Fire Alarm and Detection System*
    8. Fire Lane Repair - no charge
    9. Fire Sprinklers\Standpipes\Fire Pumps\ and Related Equipment*
    10. Flammable or Combustible Liquid Operations*
    11. Gate Installation (powered gates crossing fire lane or private street)*
    12. Hazardous Materials*
    13. Industrial Ovens*
    14. LPG Installations\Modifications$75
    15. Mechanical Exhaust Hoods (Vent A Hoods)*
    16. Private Fire Lines*
    17. Smoke Control*
    18. Speed Bumps (Installed In Fire Lanes)*
    19. Spray Booth\Spray Room\ Dip Tank Installation*
    20. Storage Tank Misc. and related equipment*
    21. Storage Tank Removal $100 per tank
    22. Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents & Canopies$50 (30 day permit)
    1. After Hours Inspections (per hour)$75 per person per hour with a 4 hour minimum

    2. Expired Permit Fee$50
    3. No Permit FeeAn amount double the permit fee may be assessed for work that is conducted without the proper permit having first being obtained.

    4. Re-inspection Fee$75 per inspection after three when assessed by the fire marshal

    5. Standby Fee$75 per person per hour/ 4 hour minimum

    6. Plan Review Fee$65% of the construction permit fee