Commercial Inspections

Annual fire safety inspections are conducted throughout the City of Euless by the Fire Department. Euless contains a mixed business base consisting of apartments, churches, light industry, commercial, retail, office, schools, motels and mid-rise buildings. Target hazards are visited annually by inspectors from the Fire Marshal's Office. All other businesses are scheduled for a pre-fire walkthrough by in service Engine Companies every other year, with a formal inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office conducted when possible in the years a pre-fire walkthrough is not planned. Engine Company personnel watch for fire hazards during the pre fire walkthroughs, ask for voluntary compliance and forward the items found to the Fire Marshal's Office if necessary for follow up. A strong effort is made to insure that each business receives a visit from a fire inspector or in service Engine Company at least once a year.

Commercial fire inspections are conducted to help protect the lives of people who work and do business in the City, to protect our infrastructure, to protect the business owners investment in his or her property and to reduce the risks to fire personnel who may have to respond in an emergency to a commercial building.

Home Inspections

Home Inspections are conducted by request only. However, home fire inspections are important and you are encouraged to download the home safety checklist and/or the pool safety checklist to help insure your home is safe. If you need any assistance, please feel free to call the Fire Marshal's Office at 817-685-1600.

Special Inspections

Special Inspections are conducted as needed and are generally specific in nature. Examples would include a test of a fire alarm system, testing of sprinkler systems, testing of gates across fire lanes, inspections of vent-a-hood systems and similar systems.