Emergency Medical Services

[EMS Working in the Rain]


[Ambulance at the Scene of an Overturned Semi]The Euless Fire Department employs cross trained firefighter/paramedics to deliver the emergency medical services in our community. The Department operates three Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) ambulances from our three fire stations. Our ambulances are equipped with the latest and most up-to-date equipment available to provide the best emergency medical care possible.

Additionally, each fire apparatus is staffed by cross trained firefighter/paramedics and is equipped with many of the lifesaving tools and medications that are found on the ambulances.

The Euless Fire Department uses a team approach to emergency medical care by operating our fire apparatus in a first responder role and to assist in providing patient care in conjunction with our ambulances on certain calls. (See frequently asked questions for more information.)


[EMS Training]Our EMS division conducts monthly training covering all aspects of emergency medicine. 

Twice a year large scale scenarios involving complicated trauma calls are developed and used to challenge our personnel and test their skills in a controlled environment. Throughout the year, all personnel are trained and re-evaluated on critical skills and comprehension of protocol.

[EMS Helicopter]