Police Officer Recruitment Minimum Requirements

Anyone interested in working for the Euless Police Department must meet the following minimum requirements, not have any disqualifiers in their history and pass the testing process.

  • Citizenship: The City of Euless requires that you must be a United States Citizen.
  • Age: Applicants must be 21 years of age at the time of licensing.
  • Character: Good moral character, stable employment history, valid driver's license.
  • Physical Requirements: General good health and normal hearing. Vision correctable to 20/20 and free of color blindness.
  • Education: Euless requires 30 college hours (combined G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher) or 2 years police experience with the same department immediately prior to completing application.  Honorable discharge from the military is also acceptable.
  • Test: Must successfully pass the police testing process. If the previous minimum requirements are not met, the applicant will not be allowed to participate in the testing process.


These items will be cause for removal from the Euless Police Hiring process:

  • Must not be under indictment for any criminal offense.
  • Must never have been convicted of a family violence offense of any grade.
  • Must not have been on court ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense of the grade of Class B misdemeanor or above (or equivalent) within the last 10 years. This includes deferred adjudication.
  • Must not be prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a firearm or ammunition.
  • Must not be wanted by any Law Enforcement Agency at the time of application.
  • Must have never had a license issued by any state law enforcement regulatory commission denied by final order, revoked, voluntarily surrendered or suspended.
  • Must not have been discharged under less than Honorable conditions if the applicant served in the military.
  • Must not have been dismissed, or resigned while under investigation, from the public service for inefficiency, delinquency, or misconduct.
  • Must not have admitted to the commission of, or ever been convicted of, a felony or of any crime involving moral turpitude.
  • No illegal drug usage 24 months prior to testing, show no trace of drug dependency after a physical examination, blood test, or other medical test. Any illegal drug usage beyond 24 months will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Must have a driving record that reflects no more than three moving violations or preventable accidents, or any combination in the last 36 months. Beyond 36 months will be considered on case-by-case basis.

Employment Opportunities

Do you have an interest in becoming a part of the Euless Police Department? Find out about employment opportunities through PoliceApp.