View Your Water Usage

Water Meters and Online Customer Service Portal help customers save water and money.

The City of Euless recently replaced over 14,000 water meters throughout the city and set up an online customer portal. The new meters and online customer portal will help our homeowners to manage their water usage as well as detect leaks and identify unknown water uses such as sprinkler systems that water more than intended. This portal will provide a detailed usage history as well as give water customers the ability to create custom alerts to warn them about high water usage.

Online Customer Portal

The online customer service portal is a web-based, interactive application that is easy to read and use. The online customer service portal will allow water customers to view your usage hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and make more informed choices to help save them money. This gives the water customer more control to better manage water use and more importantly, their bills.

Usage - The new online customer portal will make it easier to detect leaks, because you can see if your household is using large amounts of water or has small continuous amounts throughout the day.

Alerts - You can customize the interface and create alerts to notify you when you've used a designated amount of water each month or create leak alerts when you go out of town. By using the portal, you can target water conservation goals as well as budgetary goals.

The project was funded through a low interest loan from the Texas Water Development Board as part of its Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account, please call 817-685-1471.