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Reclaimed Water

Water conservation is important for our future, even when Texas isn't experiencing a drought. Our region needs a sustainable water source to meet the needs of a growing population and continue to meet future water supply needs.

reclaimed water

Reclaimed or "recycled" water is produced from the water we use and discard every day. After proper treatment, it is ideal for many non-drinking purposes such as landscape watering. Reclaimed water is rapidly becoming a valuable resource and is a practical method of relieving the demand on potable water supplies. Every drop of reclaimed water used for outdoor watering represents a drop of potable water saved for drinking.

The City of Euless uses reclaimed water from the Village Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Fort Worth to irrigate Texas Star Golf Course, Softball World and Parks at Texas Star. The Texas Star Sports Complex is comprised of over 300 acres of land.

Since it is treated wastewater, it is not subject to drought restrictions and may provide additional nutrients to the turf, which makes good environmental sense. By using reclaimed water, we're working together to protect our environment now and in the future. It provides an efficient use of the region's water resources while conserving valuable water supplies.


Regional Cooperation Award for Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water Line installationThe cities of Fort Worth, Arlington and Euless, along with DFW International Airport, received the 2012 Regional Cooperation Award from the North Central Texas Council of Governments for joint efforts to reclaim, reuse and recycle wastewater.

In May 2011, the entities began operation of a reclaimed water system to relieve the demand on their potable water supply. In one year, more than 120 million gallons of reclaimed water were distributed to the participating entities. The project provides an efficient use of the region's water resources while conserving valuable water supplies.