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The Purchasing Office is responsible for purchasing city equipment and supplies as well as bidding services required for city projects. If you have questions about purchasing procedures at the City of Euless, please contact the Purchasing office. 

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is available from the Texas Ethics Commission. Please contact your local counsel for compliance questions.

Bids and Quotes

The Purchasing Office is responsible for bidding services required for city projects. If you are interesting is bidding, you will need to follow these Bidder Instructions. A list of current bid and quote announcements is available online.  Tabulations are available for items that have already gone through the bidding process.

Information for Vendors

If you wish to become a vendor, you will need to be aware of these policies to Sell to the City. Also Standard Provisions, Terms and Conditions apply. For more information see the Vendor Guide  and complete the Vendor Application.

Surplus Property Auction

Surplus property and equipment that are no longer useful to the city are sent for auction on an as needed basis. Auctions take place online.