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The Engineering Department's primary focus is the design and construction of public and private projects in the city. Surveys, design and implementation of projects are reviewed and approved by the engineering staff. Infrastructure and drainage projects are also managed by the City's engineers, along with monitoring streetlights, street expansions and right of way acquisition.

Engineering maintains the 31 horizontal and vertical control monuments within the City of Euless. These monuments are on the Texas Coordinate System-North Central Zone and provide elevations and state plane coordinates at each location. Any private development work within the City of Euless is required to be tied into at least two of these monuments.

Traffic Signal MaintenanceTraffic signals are also maintained by Engineering, including their timing, synchronization and phasing. The City and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) both own and operate city signals. To differentiate whether the city or TxDOT owns a signal, the corresponding logo is displayed on the silver control cabinet located at the corner of the street intersection. If you have questions regarding Euless traffic signals, call 817-685-1914. If you have questions regarding TxDOT signals, call 817-370-3661.

Water and Sanitary Sewer locator maps are available through the Engineering division. These maps show the size and general location of water and sanitary sewer mains throughout the City of Euless.

The paving, drainage, water and wastewater design criteria for public and private projects within the city are contained within the Unified Development Code.

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