Amateur Radio Euless

Looking for a new hobby that can be applied to either personal enjoyment or public service? Curious about amateur radio or already licensed to operate? Come and join us at Amateur Radio Euless (ARE).

Amateur radio, also known as "ham radio" operators use their hobby for personal enjoyment in communicating with people across town or around the world. Other operators use their hobby to assist Emergency Management programs for communication situations such as severe storm reporting. Operators around the country have provided emergency communications in disaster situations. Amateur Radio Euless has participated in numerous local events such as Arbor Daze where members have assisted in locating lost children or filling other communication needs.

A license to operate amateur radio is easy to obtain. It can be obtained through classes sponsored by various radio clubs or it can be obtained through self-study. It does NOT require Morse code. The Amateur Radio Euless club can assist you in studying for your license and has members who can administer the examination when you are ready.

Amateur Radio Euless meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Emergency Operations Center at the Euless Police Department. Whether you are already a licensed operator looking for a local club or someone just interested in becoming involved in the hobby, please join us. To attend a club meeting or for additional information, you can contact the Euless Office of Emergency Management at 817-685-3144.