Code Compliance

Code Compliance enforces the city ordinances passed by the City Council that are enforced for the protection and sanitation of the city. Our goal is to gain voluntary compliance through a concerted effort to use a common sense approach to daily problems that affect our citizens. We encourage residents to report code issues in the community by calling 817-685-1509 or by using Access Euless. Please allow some time for Code to inspect the situation and they will report back to you.

Code Compliance is a division of the Police Department in order to help reduce crime and strengthen code compliance initiatives. Being physically located within the Police Department allows Code Inspectors to work closely with Police Officers and the Municipal Court on public safety issues to create a safer community. In addition, it allows Code an opportunity to have closer interaction with the officers on the street, and Police Officers and Code Inspectors to partner together to provide proactive solutions to situations.

Some of the most common violations include:

  • High Grass and Weeds
  • Littering
  • Special Pick Up Required
  • Open Storage
  • Unapproved Parking Surface
  • Property Maintenance
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Structural and Dangerous Conditions
  • Fencing in Disrepair

Citizens are encouraged to contact Code Compliance if they have a concern about a potential violation. Code Officer's will determine if there is a violation according to city ordinances and notify the owner of the violation. To report a code violation call 817-685-1507 or submit a request through Access Euless.

If you've received a notice of violation and would like to read the specific ordinance needing correction, you may read the city ordinances online. If you have specific questions for Code Compliance staff, please visit the Access Euless FAQ or call 817-685-1507.