The City of Euless seeks to encourage potential developments and relocations by providing comprehensive incentive packages.

City Council

Euless City leaders have committed to work with seriously interested developers to provide quality developments for Euless citizens. The development team and developers work together to present the City Council a customized development package that is in accordance with the City's ordinances and accomplishes the developer's goals.

Development Team

The Economic Development Director works very closely with the Planning and Development Department as well as the Engineering Department to ensure that developers are aware of the City's requirements in order to expedite the entire development process.

Tax Abatement

Euless offers a highly competitive tax abatement program that is customized to meet industry needs. Through this program, the City attempts to offset relocation costs by providing a variable abatement rate based on the business' development in the community.

Freeport Tax Exemption

This exemption allows business inventory to be exempt from business and property taxes if the goods or merchandise are purchased in Texas or are shipped from outside Texas to be assembled, stored, manufactured, processed or fabricated in the facility located in Euless. The goods or merchandise must remain in the business' possession the entire time it is in the state and then must be shipped outside of Texas within 175 days.


The City of Euless considers sharing the cost of infrastructure on a case-by-case basis. The Economic Development Director works directly with interested developers to determine the best cost-sharing policy for their specific needs. The Euless City Council makes the final determination regarding assistance for development costs within the City.