Economic Development

The vision of the Economic Development Department is to manage development strategically to create long term sources of revenue for the City which provide, in turn, the highest quality services for our citizens. Euless partners with businesses to provide quality employment opportunities for citizens by creating a profitable operating environment.

Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department provides assistance and guidance to businesses and potential developers who are considered major investors and partners in shaping the future of the City of Euless. Economic Development is responsible for implementing programs that retain, expand and attract quality businesses into the community for the benefit of Euless citizens.

The main objectives for Economic Development are increasing the ad valorem tax base, increasing retail sales within the city and creating quality employment and shopping opportunities for residents.

Planning and Development Department

Planning and Development is primarily responsible for issuing building permits, processing zoning variance requests and construction questions for future development and redevelopment of the city.

Euless Economic Development News

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