Trails of Euless

The Euless park system contains over 7 miles of trails across 10+ parks. These trails vary in width, even up to 8 feet across, using different materials from concrete to crushed limestone depending on the location and topography. Many of these trails connect with the system of sidewalks that crisscross the city. These mixed-use trails can used for biking, walking, jogging and similar activities.

Trail Map


Parks with Trails

Safety Tips

Here are some tips to stay safe while using our multi-use trails.

  1. Bicyclists and runners must yield to walkers
  2. When passing another trail user, speak in a normal voice and announce your presence
  3. Bicyclists must be in control at all times
  4. All trail users must yield before crossing a trail
  5. Leashed pets should be kept to no more than 6' in length and you must clean up after your pets
  6. Stay on open trails and respect private property. Leave no trace and never scare animals
  7. Trail use is for everyone. Please do your part and always be alert, responsible and courteous