Heritage Park


Address: 203 Cullum Dr.
Size: 4 acres
Type: Neighborhood
Amenities: 6 Tables, 4 Grills, 8 Benches, 1 Playground, 0.3 Miles of Trails, 1 Pet Station, 37 Parking Spaces


Historic Heritage Park is the focal point for history preservation in the City of Euless. Buildings of historical significance have been relocated here for preservation and education. These include the Fuller House (the first brick house in Euless), the Himes Log Cabin (one of the oldest structures in the Dallas/Fort Worth area) and the McCormick Barn (made of lumber from Camp Bowie). In addition, a Blacksmith shop was constructed and is used for demonstrations during special events such as Heritage Park Christmas. 

Located next to the park, the Euless Heritage Museum hosts artifacts of historical interest and is open for public tours from 1 - 5 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month.

In this 4 acre park you can also find a playground and quarter mile walking trail.