No Insurance Charge

If you have been charged with no liability insurance, you may appear at the court within 30 calendar days with proof that you were insured at the time of the offense and upon verification with your insurance company, the charge will be dismissed.

You may also have your insurance company or agent fax insurance confirmation directly to the court at 817-685-1827. Please reference your citation number.

The charge will not be dismissed without verification.

If a defendant obtains liability insurance specifically covering the defendant as a driver within 5 working days from the date of their ticket and the defendant shows proof that they have a valid driver's license, the fine will be reduced to the statutory minimum of $175 and $350 for first and second no insurance tickets, respectively, plus applicable court costs.

If a defendant does not obtain such liability insurance within 5 working days from the date of their ticket or does not have a valid driver's license, no discount will be given.

If a defendant provides proof to the court that he has a current valid driver's license and current valid liability insurance specifically covering them as a driver, he is eligible to receive deferred adjudication if all other requirements above are met.