Court-Ordered Community Service

Court ordered community service is not arranged or monitored by the court staff. It is the defendant's responsibility to obtain a list of acceptable non-profit organizations and a community service card from the Court. It is also the defendant's responsibility to contact an organization on the list and make arrangements to do his/her community service. Defendants may complete their community service by working for one or more of the listed organizations. Community service hours completed for an organization that is not listed as approved organization will not be accepted by the Court. If you do not live in Euless or a contiguous city, you may request that the judge allow you to complete your community service at another location. Such requests must be made in writing to the court and made sufficiently in advance of your deadline that you have time to complete your community service hours should the judge grant your request.

If you are ordered to complete community service hours, you should make arrangements with your chosen organization(s) as soon as possible to set up your work location and schedule.

The Court will provide you a list of acceptable non-profit community service organizations along with a pink community service card which you will provide to the organization when you do your community service. The person designated by the organization to supervise your work must complete the community service card with the required information. Please make sure the information on the community service card is legible because court personnel will be contacting the organization to verify your community service hours.

Once you have completed the required community service hours, you must submit the completed pink community service card to the court by the date set by the judge.

Additionally, you may always simply choose to pay the amount due on your citation rather than performing community service in lieu of paying the fine and costs.