Northeast Fire Department Association

The Euless Fire Department is a participating member in the Northeast Fire Department Association (NEFDA). NEFDA is a consortium of fourteen communities located in Northeast Tarrant County. The member Cities of NEFDA formed an alliance by recognizing that there is a need for specialized/technical services to the citizens of our member cities, while also recognizing that it is not economically feasible for each City to maintain the staffing and equipment needed to provide those services. A regional plan was developed where each participating City pays into the consortium and commits to providing a certain number of on duty personnel with specialized training to allow a technical team to be assembled quickly. Ongoing training of the joint groups helps ensure that the team members are ready when called. NEFDA operates a number of specialized pieces of equipment, which are placed throughout the North East portion of Tarrant County and are kept ready to respond if needed.

Mission Statement

"It is the mission of the Northeast Fire Department Association to consolidate the strengths and resources of all member departments for the purpose of enhancing the service delivery to all our respective customers across jurisdictional boundaries. We accomplish this mission by providing our firefighters with quality professional development training, sharing of resources, cooperative mutual responses and a commitment to community safety."

Bomb Squad

Explosive devices present a unique hazard and require specialized technicians and equipment to safely negate the hazard. An fully equipped bomb squad consisting of a specially equipped truck and bomb containment trailer are housed at the Watauga Fire Department.

Mass Casualty Unit

Mass casualty services are provided through a fully stocked vehicle carrying supplies to treat up to eighty patients. This vehicle is housed with the Euless Fire Department.

Communications Vehicle

Large scale emergencies frequently involve a large number of governmental agencies. A common problem in these types of disasters is a lack of radio communications between the various responders. This problem is solved through the use of a communications vehicle housed with the North Richland Hills Fire Department. This vehicle allows communications to occur between various agencies on multiple frequencies when the need arises.

Air and Light Truck

Many emergency incidents, including fairly routine calls, require the ability to provide a means to refill the air bottles used by emergency responders on emergency scenes. The NEFDA air and light truck provides the ability to refill air bottles and provide needed lighting at emergency scenes. The air and light truck is housed with the Bedford Fire Department.

Hazardous Materials Unit

The NEFDA response area is home to many businesses which use hazardous materials, and is dissected by many, many miles of highways and rail lines.

In order to expedite hazardous materials response, the hazardous materials units are kept at two sites.

The primary haz-mat apparatus is housed at North Richland Hills Fire Department with a smaller satellite trailer housed with the Roanoke Fire Department.

Decontamination Unit

The need to swiftly decontaminate firefighters and civilians following potential acts of terrorism or chemical emergencies resulted in the purchase of a mass decontamination unity which is housed with the Colleyville Fire Department. This unit consists of a trailer pulled by a Ford F-550 pick up and is capable of decontaminating up to 100 people per hour.

Technical Rescue

The Technical Rescue Team provides high angle, confined space, trench and structural collapse rescue. The technical rescue team vehicle is housed at the Haltom City Fire Department.

Heavy Rescue

Heavy rescue services are provided throughout the member cities. The heavy rescue apparatus is housed at the Grapevine Fire Department.