Firefighter Training

Training-CrawlingThroughHoleThe nature of firefighting is dangerous and no matter how much training and education one obtains, the danger will always exist. However, the risks can be minimized through an effective and aggressive training program. The training division provides professional development to our firefighters through education, instruction and preparation so our staff can provide quality customer service to those in need.

The training division establishes standards, writes schedules for fire department personnel, and identifies needs to ensure that personnel are adequately prepared to perform their duties.

Training-NightThe division also prepares and conducts in-service programs to improve performance and evaluate the progress of fire department employees. It is the primary goal of the training division to ensure that all personnel have the knowledge and skills to proficiently perform their duties as emergency responders in a safe manner to reduce the likelihood of injury or death.

Training-InstructorThis goal is accomplished by creating realistic training environments combining classroom and hands on instruction, evaluating past performances through post incident analyses and case studies from around the country, and coordinating both internal and external training options for all of our employees.