Construction Information

ConstructionIn order to make your construction project flow as smoothly as possible, you must submit plans and all proper registrations, permits and approvals granted prior to any construction project starting in the City of Euless. After the plans are reviewed and approved, an inspector will be assigned to your project. Please call our office at 817-685-1600 for assistance.

Code and Ordinances

The Euless Fire Department enforces the 2015 International Fire Code, as amended. This Code works hand in hand with the other 2015 International Codes adopted by the City of Euless and a broad assortment of State laws governing construction and activities within the City.

The laws are supplemented by a variety of recognized standards that must be followed in the City. These include the Standards published by the National Fire Protection Association, Underwriters Laboratory and many others.

The Euless Codes and amendments can be accessed and searched via City Ordinances. This link may not include all the information you need for your project and SHOULD NOT be considered as the final authority. It is strongly recommended that you contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 817-685-1600 for specific information about your construction project.

Construction/Contractor Information

The City of Euless provides various construction-related information including cut sheets, specification details, policy statements and similar information designed to promote consistency and understanding in the application of Codes in the City.

Permits and Fees

Operational Permits

Certain hazards require an annual operational permit. View the fee schedule for annual permit costs.

New Construction

New construction permit fees are based on the dollar value of the project. Construction permits must be paid in advance at the time construction plans are submitted. Fees may be paid by check, money order or exact cash. No change is kept on premises. View the fee schedule for construction permit fees.

These fee schedules are posted for informational purposes only and should not be used as the sole basis for determining the fees associated with your project or permit. Please contact our office at 817-685-1600 to verify all amounts before sending payment.

Knox Key Boxes

The Euless Fire Department requires that most businesses install a rapid entry Knox box during new construction projects or extensive remodels.

The Knox box allows the Fire Department to securely store entrance keys, access cards and owner contact information on site so Firefighters can enter a building non-destructively during certain types of calls for service.