Apartment Community Information

Fire truck in front of apartmentApartment residents make up half of the population of the City of Euless; therefore apartment residents play a major role in the overall utilization of fire and emergency medical services.

In an apartment complex, the action of a single tenant can potentially affect a dozen or more families. Many codes, laws and statutes exist regarding apartment tenants and fire safety. The enforcement of building and fire codes help to ensure every occupant at a Euless apartment can live safely without unnecessary fire risk.

The following information explains some of the regulations and restrictions that apply to apartment residents in the City of Euless.

Watch What You Heat

Firefighter inspecting burnt kitchenUnattended cooking fires are the number one cause of residential structure fires in the City of Euless. Apartment kitchen fires have the potential to cause even more damage since a fire in one unit can affect an entire building of up to 16 apartment units! Do not start cooking unless you are able to "look while you cook."

Barbecue Grills

The City of Euless prohibits the use of barbecue equipment on apartment balconies/patios, in breezeways or within 10 feet of any apartment building. Tenants found in violation can receive citations with fines of up to $2,000. Additionally, the tenant can be held personally liable for any damage or injuries that occur as a result of this violation.

Apartment management must maintain on file written documentation that each tenant has been advised of the rules governing the use and storage of barbecue grills. Apartment management shall post signage in common areas to advise tenants of this prohibition.

The fire code does not restrict apartment management from establishing more restrictive rules on the storage or operation of a barbecue grill.

Tragic and costly fires occur each year as a result of barbecue fires that ignite near combustibles. Please help us protect you and your property by complying with these provisions.

Fire Lanes

Emergency access easements, which are marked, "fire lanes," must be kept clear for emergency equipment. An unattended vehicle parked in a marked fire lane is considered illegally parked and can result in fines of up to $2,000, towing of the vehicle or both. Please help us keep the fire lanes clear for emergency vehicles.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must be installed and accessible in certain areas of apartment complexes including clubrooms or game rooms, laundry rooms, maintenance workshops, storerooms and leasing offices.

Although fire extinguishers are not required in each apartment unit, the Euless Fire Department highly recommends that every tenant purchase and maintain a five pound ABC fire extinguisher for their own apartment.


Do not overload your fireplace! The typical fireplace found inside of an apartment is a pre-manufactured model containing an insulated metal box and flue. Placing more than 2.5 cubic feet of wood (two medium size logs) or more than one chemical log in a fireplace at a time can drastically increase the risk of fire. Additionally, chimney flues should be inspected at least every two years by a professional chimney sweep and cleaned when necessary.

Fireplace ashes should be discarded into a metal bucket and allowed to sit for at least 24 hours prior to discarding into a dumpster.

Outdoor Burning

Open burning is not allowed. Fire pits, chimineas, tiki torches and similar open flame devices are prohibited on apartment balconies/patios, in breezeways or within 10 feet of any apartment building.

Property Loss and Liability Insurance

As a tenant in an apartment, your contents are not covered against loss if there is a fire unless you personally obtain a renter's insurance policy. Renter's insurance is an inexpensive way to protect your possessions. Unfortunately, many apartment tenants don't think about the need for insurance until after a fire occurs.

Property Inspections

Apartment complexes are routinely inspected by both the Euless Fire Department and Euless Code Compliance. Fire inspections include smoke alarm checks in vacant and occupied apartment units.

Security Gates

Many apartment complexes install electric gates to limit non-resident traffic onto their property. These gates are generally installed across fire lanes and can be opened rapidly by fire apparatus for emergency access. If the emergency access features do not function properly, the fire department will lock the gates in the open position until they are repaired by the property owner.

Smoke Alarms

Partially melted smoke alarmState laws require the installation of smoke alarms in every bedroom and in the hallway or living area adjacent to each bedroom in apartments. The landlord is required to verify smoke alarms are installed correctly before a tenant occupies an apartment and the tenant is required to maintain the smoke alarm including replacing the batteries when needed.

Tampering with or removing a smoke alarm is a violation of the fire code and can carry a fine of up to $2,000.

To ensure smoke alarms are installed and operating properly, the Euless Fire Department conducts inspections in a percentage of both vacant and occupied apartment units during annual fire safety inspections. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR SMOKE ALARM OR SMOKE ALARM BATTERY! Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms alert tenants of possible fires and are considered one of the most important fire safety features in your apartment. Please test your smoke alarm monthly and change your batteries at least once a year.


Flammable/Combustible Liquids

The fire code strictly prohibits the storage of flammable or combustible liquids (including gasoline) near any common egress or exit pathway or within an apartment building.

This provision also includes motorized vehicles or any motorized equipment, such as motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc., that uses or contains a flammable or combustible liquid to operate, or contains a flammable or combustible liquid tank.

Hazardous Chemicals

The fire code prohibits the storage of most hazardous chemicals in apartments. Storage of compressed gas cylinders inside an apartment is prohibited except for medical purposes. Propane cylinders for barbeque grills must be stored outside.


Firewood storage should be limited to a reasonable volume (one-twelfth of a cord or approximately 2 feet, by 2 feet, by 2 feet) and may not be stored in areas used as common egress or exit ways, such as breezeways or common floor landings.

If you have any questions or need further information about these regulations, please contact the Euless Fire Marshal's Office at 817-685-1600.

Apartments with Sprinkler Systems

Many apartment complexes in the City of Euless are protected with a fire sprinkler system. Unlike passive fire protection equipment, such as smoke alarms or fire alarm systems that only notify an occupant of a fire, properly installed and maintained sprinkler systems can activate and extinguish fires or prevent a small fire from spreading until the fire department arrives.

Sprinkler systems have a long track record of providing reliable protection to occupants and their possessions. When choosing your apartment, consider the additional safety provided by a fire sprinkler system.

As a service to our citizens, we maintain a list of apartment communities that are protected with a fire sprinkler system.


  • Ash Lane Apartments
    601 E. Ash Lane
  • Avenue 900
    900 Grange Hall
  • Bandera Ranch
    1881 W. Airport Frwy. (Bldg. #5 & #6 only)
  • Bear Creek Villas
    500 E. Harwood Rd. (Bldg. #2 only)
  • Collins Park Apartments
    2001 Hwy. 360
  • Colonial Grand at Bear Creek Apartments
    1200 Fuller Wiser
  • Embry Apartments
    880 W. Euless Blvd. 
  • Flats at 901
    901 Grange Hall
  • Franciscan Apartments
    1600 Village Drive
  • Gala at Oak Crest
    100 Dickey Dr. 
  • Mandolin Apartments
    2525 Hwy. 360
  • Norstar at Bear Creek Apartments
    700 E. Ash Lane
  • Oak Park Apartments
    1350-90 N. Main St. - 5 Buildings only
  • Oakmont Apartments
    2121 Bear Creek Pkwy.
  • Oaks 55
    2350 SH121
  • Palisades
    200 W. Bear Creek (Bldg. #1)
  • Parkside at the Creek Apartments
    700 Hill Trail
  • Sandstone at Bear Creek Apartments
    1500 Bear Creek Pkwy.
  • Seramont Apartments
    2500 Hwy. 121
  • Stonebridge Apartments
    2250 Fuller-Wiser
  • Stoneleigh at Bear Creek Apartments
    1401 State Hwy. 360
  • Suite 2801
    2801 Brazos Blvd. 
  • Trinity Union
    2100 Heritage Ave.