Trinity GAP Club

8 girls with dogsThe Girls Awareness Program (GAP) is an all-girl service club from Trinity High School in Euless. The mission of Trinity GAP Club is to give these high school girls a positive outlet for their time and to show them positive alternatives for their lives.

One of its community service projects is volunteering with the Euless Animal Shelter and sponsoring as many animals as its funds allow to help pay for spay/neuter services, shots and other medical costs for the pets. The Trinity GAP Club hosts several fundraisers throughout the year to provide for unforeseen medical needs for animals in the shelter.

In addition, these young ladies participate in adoption events in various locations, which significantly reduces the euthanasia rate for the Euless Animal Shelter. The teens also foster pets and spend their free time in the shelter walking, grooming and caring for the pets that reside there.

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