Leaders Past and Present

The City of Euless has been led and served by many upstanding citizens over the decades including Mayors, City Council Members, City Secretaries and more.


In the more than 60 years since Euless was originally incorporated, there have been 11 Mayors, many of whom have also served as Council Members.

1950-1951 Warren Fuller 1951-1953 Homer H Fuller 1953-1955 Joe Umphress 1955-1957 Jimmy C Payton 1957-1961 Ernest Millican Jr 1961-1963 J S Anderson 1963-1969 William G Fuller 1969-1975 Albert C Krause 1975-1993 Harold D Samuels 1993-2014 Mary Lib Saleh 2014-present Linda Martin

Council Members

There have been 66 individuals who have contributed time and energy to the City as Aldermen and Council Members. Many of these have gone on to become Mayors.

City Secretaries

 The Euless City Secretary serves at the City Council's behest is charged with keeping the official records.  Since the formation of the Euless government there have been 11 City Secretaries.