Cease the Grease

The fats, oil and grease (FOG) found in food such as meat, cooking oil, shortening, sauces and dairy products are major concerns for Euless sewers. When you put cooking leftovers like grease, oil and food scraps down the drain, it sticks to the sides of your pipes. This clogs your pipes and causes back-ups resulting in an expensive visit for you from the plumber. Please take precautions to keep your pipes grease free.

How to Clean Dishes to Protect Your Pipes

  • Pipe half clogged with greaseNever pour oil or grease down the drain
  • Remove oil and grease from all dishes and pans before washing. Once grease or cooking oil has cooled, pour into covered collection containers such as an empty steel can.
  • Wipe out the remainder using a paper towel.
  • The garbage disposal does not destroy grease, it only makes it smaller. If you have accumulated grease in your pipes, putting food scraps down the drain can clog your pipes faster.
  • Scrape food scraps from dishes into a trash can to avoid using your garbage disposal.
  • Cover kitchen sink drains with catch baskets (strainers) and empty it into the trash can as needed.
  • Avoid using the garbage disposal and hot water. If grease does go down the drain, follow it with cold water.

How to Dispose of Collected Oil and Grease

No Grease in the Kitchen Sink graphic