Betterment Fund

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Have you ever wondered where the free trees at Arbor Daze come from? Or how the HEB Reads program is funded? Euless residents generously make these extras possible, but it’s not through tax dollars.

By simply donating 50 cents a month, citizens of Euless have helped to improve the community in many ways. The Betterment Fund, which is funded solely through donations on monthly water bills, is used to fund citizen requests such as beautification,  playground equipment and other improvements to the community and the quality of life.

The city has spent that money on programs such as the 1 + 1 = 2 Tree Program which supports the free tree program at Arbor Daze, the HEB Reads program, the Mayor's Holiday Kickoff, Christmas Tree Lighting, and other projects appropriated by the Council.

Since the program began in 1978, funds donated by citizens who wish to improve the quality of life in Euless, have been spent on beautification, playgrounds, a traffic signal near Trinity High School on Highway 157, and recreational facilities, including the Senior Citizen’s Center.