The City Secretary's Office serves the citizens of today and tomorrow while preserving the records of the past.

Mission Statement 

The City Secretary's Office is committed to providing support services to Citizens, City Council Members and City Staff in an effective and efficient manner.


The City Secretary is appointed by the City Council and is a statutory position required by state law and the City Charter.

As Director of the City Secretary Department, the City Secretary functions as the:

  • Chief Election Officer
  • Records Management Coordinator

The City Secretary Department, comprised of four staff members, is responsible for a multitude of duties that support, facilitate and strengthen the City of Euless governmental process by:

  • Assisting the City Council in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities.
  • Publishing required legal notices in the official newspaper of the City as dictated by state law.
  • Attending the City Council meetings, as well as preparing and archiving the minutes of the meeting.
  • Coordinating the various Boards and Commissions and the appointment process of new members.
  • Safeguarding and improving the public access to records, documents and files of the City, including responding to requests for information.
  • Coordinating and conducting all City elections.
  • Managing and updating the Euless Code of Ordinances.

    There is an inherent delay from the time the City Council adopts an ordinance which amends one of the city code chapters, until the revisions can be codified and included in the official code of ordinances.

Political Signs

The Planning and Development Department has information available on the proper use of political signs.

Vital Records 

Please note that birth and death certificates for the City of Euless can be obtained through the Texas Department of State Health Services.