Library Board

Meeting Documents are available online for public access.


Allan Gibbs
Jim Hamilton
Mike McGehee
Christopher McAllister
Barney Snitz
Leslie Kane

Staff Support

Sherry Knight, Library Director


To serve in an advisory capacity to the Euless City Council and the Library Administrator regarding library services for the City of Euless.


  • Hold monthly meetings at stated times in the Euless Public Library.
  • Receive suggestions and recommendations from the citizens of Euless and make recommendations to the governing body regarding the same if deemed necessary or desirable.
  • Further cooperation and coordination with public libraries in the surrounding communities and with the public schools.
  • Make periodic rate reports to the governing body concerning the work of the board and special reports as may be requested by the governing body.
  • Carry out and perform other regulations and requirements as may from time to time be made and adopted by the governing body of the City of Euless.


The Library Board consists of six members. Three members are appointed on even years and three appointed on odd years. The members serve a two-year term.


The Board meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Temporary Library, 1100 Westpark Way.