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Free Agents

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Pick a Sport: Softball | Kickball

Name (Gender): James white (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8172094383 Email: Jamesdub88@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Outfield pitcher
Comments: I am very eager to get back in sports I was very good when I played give me a call I would love to help your team out tonight or whenever you need an extra player I'm available
Name (Gender): Ric"Pops" Lipscomb (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-933-3595 Email: richard.l.lipscomb@lmco.com
Day Desired: Tuesday,Friday Position: OF,P,C,1B
Comments: Love people. Love the game. been playing awhile. Utrip umpire also. Will play mens/coed. Pay my own way.
Name (Gender): Rachel Lee (F) League: Any
Phone #: 6803605949 Email: myloveforsoftball@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 2nd base or outfield
Name (Gender): Pilo Cruz (M) League: Men
Phone #: 214-535-1936 Email: Pilocruz3@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position: 1st or 3rd
Comments: Enjoy the game, just looking for a team. Just want to play.
Name (Gender): Philip Conley (M) League: Any
Phone #: 9036411410 Email: philip.conley94@gmail.com
Day Desired: any weeknights and sundays preferred Position: Outfield
Comments: Played recreational Softball pretty frequently a few years ago, trying to get back into it. I want to be in it for fun, willing to pay my part. Decent bat, OK arm. Want to use softball to get active again.
Name (Gender): Garrett merrifield (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-995-3841 Email: gwm81810@yahoo.com
Day Desired: gwm81810@yahoo.com Position: Any
Comments: Been playing for 7-8 years and many tourneys. Great speed, in shape, very dependable.
Name (Gender): Tanner Nied (M) League: Any
Phone #: 972-639-6654 Email: Tnied23@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Saturday Position: Outfield
Comments: If u need anybody on Saturday I'm your guy for the outfielder. HMU 972-639-6654
Name (Gender): Kurt Towsley (M) League: Coed
Phone #: 239-877-2711 Email: Jackodimon@sbcglobal.net
Day Desired: Sunday Position: Outfield
Comments: I used to play, had a few years off, just moved to Texas, looking to get back into it and meet new people and have some fun.
Name (Gender): Joe Bonventre (M) League: Any
Phone #: 631-241-1886 Email: Joebon24@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any day during the week Position: Outfield
Comments: New to Texas, just moved down here from NY. Played coed and men's, been a tourney player for the last 4 years, played at the world championships last year in Disney for coed. Pretty good bat, have some pop but mostly line drive hitter to all fields. Pretty decent OF with a decent arm. Want to get back into the softball world.
Name (Gender): Brittany Burross (F) League: Coed
Phone #: 8177037869 Email: brittney.burross@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Wednesday or Thursday Position: Third, Outfield, Pitcher
Comments: Looking for a decent team to play on, CO Ed or women's. Nothing super competitive, looking to have a good time and play some good ball! I've been playing softball for 20 years. Pretty versatile player but I don't like playing middle Infield. Currently playing third on a co ed team. Wednesday and Thursday nights only.
Name (Gender): Justin Thrasher (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8178320692 Email: just8782003@msn.com
Day Desired: friday saturday and sunday Position: Outfield
Comments: i would like to join a team
Name (Gender): David Bravo (M) League: Any
Phone #: 6828089960 Email: charlieb559@gmail.com
Day Desired: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Position: Outfield, but can play anywhere other than pitcher
Comments: I am currently on two teams, one coed and the other all mens. I'm looking for a team that plays during the week. I prefer to play the outfield but can play infield if needed. If you have any questions email or text me, thanks.
Name (Gender): Christian Nash (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: Cnash710@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: Plays 3rd Base for the Salty Dawgs ! Power Hitter looking to play on Mondays and Tuesday ONLY !!
Name (Gender): Daniel Lara (M) League: Any
Phone #: 972-567-2151 Email: dlarahse36@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: any, but prefer outfield
Comments: I'm an experienced player, been playing for the last 10yrs plus. I enjoy the game and the competition, if I'm not being challenged then I'm not improving as a player. I run down balls in the out field, I pay attention to game situations, place hitting or crushing it and I communicate and support the team that I play with. I love the sport and I'm committed to bring it, 110% is what you get no half ass. Good luck to you in the season. Daniel
Name (Gender): Patrick Kelly (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 692 2767 Email: Patrick.kelly564@my.tccd.edu
Day Desired: Any Position: LF, SS, LCF, can play any
Comments: Been playing my whole life, am looking for another team to play on and i can play any position well, good hitter too... let me know if you need someone
Name (Gender): Carleygay87@gmail.com (F) League: Coed
Phone #: 8172358269 Email: Carleygay87@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Contact Numb
Comments: I was great in my younger days lol im 28. Can catch the balls lol. Sometimes i trip... Love the game.
Name (Gender): Lejon Jefferson (M) League: Men
Phone #: 469-684-8590 Email: L.r.jefferson74@gmail.com
Day Desired: Friday nights Position: 3rd, 2nd, SS,
Comments: I need experienced infielders for my team. Friday nights. Need a couple ASAP FOR TEAM NOW.
Name (Gender): Carl (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8322174946 Email: carlvogel4@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Willing to play or bat anywhere. Age is 23, throw and bat right, I'm a contact hitter not a power hitter. I do not own my own bat at this time. I have played in about 5 tournaments and won 2 league titles in 2016. Coed or Men's league no problem, I like to win and have fun.
Name (Gender): Deon Harrison (M) League: Any
Phone #: 512-939-4951 Email: bestny2k7@gmail.com
Day Desired: Friday or any Position: 2nd base, Short Stop
Comments: I have played softball there and play recreational softball and baseball
Name (Gender): Michael Aydelotte (M) League: Any
Phone #: 9404531348 Email: Buckeyes77890@gmail.com
Day Desired: Friday or Sunday Position: First base
Comments: I can hit, field and throw. Just looking to play!
Name (Gender): Eddie U (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8179176918 Email: ezetexastech@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: Infield
Comments: If you are needing a Sub or Alternate player, I would enjoy getting the extra practice. Feel free to contact me at any time.
Name (Gender): Katie Morris (F) League: Any
Phone #: 2148831734 Email: ktfmhs20@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: 3rd and 1st
Name (Gender): Gustavo Saldana (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: Gosse420@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: Looking to play on a different night. Not a homerun hitter but I get the job done!
Name (Gender): Garrett merrifield (M) League: Any
Phone #: 432-215-4295 Email: gwm81810@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Outfield
Comments: Just moved here from west Texas, played for around 7 years including 100's of Usssa tourneys. I'm shape good speed. Very dependable.
Name (Gender): Tanner Nied (M) League: Men
Phone #: 972-639-6654 Email: Tnied23@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Saturday Position: Outfield
Comments: I play outfield if u need an extra player
Name (Gender): Daniel Lara (M) League: Any
Phone #: 972-567-2151 Email: Dlarahse36@yahoo.com
Day Desired: M-S Position: Any but prefer outfield
Comments: I'm not gonna sit here and tell what I can do , I'd rather show you. I've been playing competitive ball for the last 10 years. I play all over and travel quite a bit. I know game situation and play to that, what's best for the team to get the win. If you want a veteran player, fast strong and can hit then let me know how I can help your team win. Thank you and good luck in the season.
Name (Gender): Whitney Donohue (F) League: Coed
Phone #: 9038060255 Email: Donohue_whitney@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Position: First, any
Name (Gender): Ashley (F) League: Any
Phone #: 432-296-2578 Email: Ashley.e.sexton@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any - though strong at 1st base
Comments: I've played fast pitch since childhood including high school softball. Have played slow pitch since graduating. Looking for a team to play with nearby!
Name (Gender): Cornelio Lopez (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8175035862 Email: cornelio.lopez@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Sun-Wed Position: Any
Comments: Been playing softball for 10 years, can play anywhere!
Name (Gender): Ricky Carter (M) League: Any
Phone #: 214-632-6993 Email: rickyisanerd@gmail.com
Day Desired: Not Friday Position: Beginner Outfield or 3rd
Comments: I am pretty good at hitting, just need to work on fielding. I am still pretty new to the game, but I really like to play. I currently play on an Coed team, but want to learn and practice more.
Name (Gender): Louis V (M) League: Men
Phone #: 424-291-1189 Email: godsonmrvjr@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 1st and LC
Comments: New to Texas from California. Played with My Team in California winning several Championships. Fun and Competitive on the field. Eager to play out here and see what Texas is all about.
Name (Gender): Sharon T (F) League: Any
Phone #: 361-548-3741 Email: inokittychan@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday (but flexible for other days if after 5:30 pm) Position: Outfield, Short Stop, or 3rd base
Comments: It's been a while since I last played, but I'd like to start playing again. I played Varsity in High School all 4 years. I was 2nd team all district as an outfielder Junior year and 1st team all district as a 3rd baseman senior year. I played short stop and second base as well freshman and sophomore year. I'm really looking to play again, so if you need another player, please feel free to contact me.
Name (Gender): Mike (M) League: Any
Phone #: 2144991075 Email: mca913ap@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Played on several teams and won several tournaments, championships and MVPs. Retired from military recently with strong bat that can hit deep and or place the ball anywhere on the field and a good arm. Prefer outfield but can play any position needed. Looking for a team to join and play with during the week or weekends. Call (214) 499-1075
Name (Gender): Bryan Dozier (M) League: Coed
Phone #: 817-301-6914 Email: hb91413@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: P, OF/2b, 1b
Comments: My wife and I play coed in Grapevine. Our team is taking the fall off but we'd like to keep playing. I mostly pitch but also play outfield and a little 3b. My wife plays 2b and 1b.
Name (Gender): Anthony Carollo (M) League: Men
Phone #: 817-706-5386 Email: anthonycar1984@aim.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any, except pitcher
Comments: Hit for singles, and decent glove
Name (Gender): Ren (F) League: Any
Phone #: 8177211820 Email: Ren4614@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Can play any position. Played in high school ready to start playing again.
Name (Gender): Kerry (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-975-8382 Email: kmendiola06@icloud.com
Day Desired: Tuesday or Wednesday Position: anywhere in infield
Comments: Can play pretty much anywhere infield, I can even pitch. good hitter,but even better fielder
Name (Gender): Chad G (M) League: Any
Phone #: 9035034184 Email: Chadpgrimes@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Tournament Position: Pitcher in upper mens but play anywhere
Comments: Played from class E to class C usssa pitcher can place the ball where I want and looking for a strong or new tournament team will travel but not to far live in east texas. Can hit down and dirty or whatever y'all need
Name (Gender): Matthew Sherrill (M) League: Any
Phone #: 254-598-0438 Email: matthew.sherrill.2107@gmail.com
Day Desired: Tue/Thur Position: Outfield
Comments: Played baseball all my life and softball for the last seven years. Not too much power but good contact. Decent speed and arm. Would love to find a competitive team to play on.
Name (Gender): Travis Thomason (M) League: Any
Phone #: 9406135512 Email: travisthomason553@yahoo.com
Day Desired: weekends, tournament ball Position: Outfield
Comments: Looking to play tournaments for men's or coed. My classification is D. Speed, hits mostly for contact but can hit for power as well. Great range in the outfield with a strong arm. I can play infield if needed, prefer to play outfield. I'll play where needed except for pitching. I'm from Wichita Falls, Tx.
Name (Gender): Chantz Eaton (M) League: Any
Phone #: 972-795-4513 Email: chantzeaton@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any but Sunday Position: Infield/Outfield
Comments: 26 years old. Good bat, good speed, good glove, great arm. Prefer Centerfield or Shortstop, but can play anywhere. Can hit for power or small ball. Played baseball in high school, a few softball leagues since then. Love to play and I finally have some free time. Let's win and have some fun doing it!
Name (Gender): Scott Baskin (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 361 2041 Email: buttskin1@yahoo.com
Day Desired: anything but sunday already in a sunday league Position: can play infield including pitching, or out
Comments: Wanting join a men's E league to start out, looking to be competitive but also have fun.
Name (Gender): David Bravo (M) League: Any
Phone #: 6828089960 Email: charlieb559@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: Outfield
Comments: I've played softball for a awhile and I am currently on 2 other teams, looking to join another. Can play anywhere but prefer outfield and have a consistent bat.
Name (Gender): David Cosper (M) League: Men
Phone #: 903 802 6133 Email: dcosper53@aol.com
Day Desired: weekends, tournament ball Position: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, right field
Comments: Wanting to play in tournaments on the weekends.
Name (Gender): Anthony Zamora (M) League: Any
Phone #: 6825601523 Email: Zamraider23@gmail.com
Day Desired: Friday or Saturday Position: Infield/Outfield
Comments: 21 years old. Played ball from rec league all the way up to the collegiate level for a year. Primarily play SS or 3rd but I have the arm and range for OF as well. I have a lot of softball experience just no team at the moment.
Name (Gender): christopher marcks (M) League: Any
Phone #: 682-785-7553 Email: chrismarcks261@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position: Any
Comments: have been playing most of my life i am 43 and will play any where. give me a call if you have any questions 682-785-7553
Name (Gender): Luis Lockhart (M) League: Any
Phone #: 347-461-2092 Email: llockha00@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Infield
Comments: New to the area due to relocation from New York. Im looking for a competitive yet fun team.
Name (Gender): Hunter Wallace (M) League: Any
Phone #: 469-996-6259 Email: Bayouhunter2015@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: First base or as needed
Comments: 27 years old, just moved here from Louisiana, played softball for 3 years. Former police officer. Great batting strength,average speed, Good throw power and accuracy, and good fielding and base awareness.
Name (Gender): Eric Kilpatrick (M) League: Any
Phone #: 682-229-7623 Email: Whsgrad2008@aol.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: I play every year in NAS fort Worth's softball league looking at playing more often. Will play any position, I have speed and decent hitting ability. I am Active Military but shouldn't have any issues playing games at or after 6 pm. Will be gone until June 29, 2016
Name (Gender): Chris Taylor (M) League: Any
Phone #: 214-205-8093 Email: racer_x1971@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Thursdays Position: any except maybe pitcher or SS
Comments: Looking to play Thursday nights. Pretty average player, I guess. I can hit ok, field ok, run ok... maybe. Love playing.
Name (Gender): Daniel Lara (M) League: Any
Phone #: 972-567-2151 Email: Dlarahse36@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Monday-Friday Position: Outfield
Comments: I'd rather let you see what I can do to help you win. I've been playing for 10years , healthy , fast , strong arm . You want to win then let me know, I'm a great sport, team work but when it's game time it's on!!!
Name (Gender): Scott Richey (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8176145899 Email: scott.m.richey@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Just want a chance to play for a team. I will play any position needed
Name (Gender): Ben Hardy (M) League: Men
Phone #: Email: bhardy450@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Infield. Mainly SS
Comments: New to the area and wanting to get back into playing.
Name (Gender): (F) League: Coed
Phone #: 817-714-9976 Email:
Day Desired: Thursday Position: OF
Comments: Looking for a couple of girls to fill out our Coed Rec team for Summer League. Need someone that will be reliable starts June 23rd text me if you are interested.
Name (Gender): Xavier Lopez (M) League: Any
Phone #: (830)352-3631 Email: xavyale9@tamu.edu
Day Desired: Any Day- Coed or Men - Comp or Rec Position: Any
Comments: New to the area, looking to be in a softball league for the summer. Played all my life and I am ready to be a part of a team.
Name (Gender): Nick Byrnside (M) League: Any
Phone #: 318 608 8777 Email: nick22byrnside@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Short or third
Comments: I've been playing ballyour whole life. Been playing with an all men's team put of ruston la. I'm not satisfied with the way the coach runs the team. I like to travel and I'm able to travel. Just want to go and play more than 2 game and come home. So give me a call and I'll show u what I got
Name (Gender): Eric (M) League: Any
Phone #: 903,259,8073 Email: Eah.2010@live.com
Day Desired: Any day but Thursday Position: : Ss, 3rd, 2nd, left field or center, and pitcher
Comments: I'm 24 been playing mens slow pitch for about 3 years at softball world and north Richland hills, playing on Thursdays right now looking to get in another day of the week. Strong bat, fast, and can feild. Hit me up
Name (Gender): Patrick Kelly (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8176922767 Email: Patrick.kelly564@my.tccd.edu
Day Desired: Any Position: SS, 3B, 1B,2B , OF
Comments: Played baseball in high school, been playing softball for a cpl years now can play any infield position, and outfield if needed, looking for a team
Name (Gender): Ginger Murray (F) League: Any
Phone #: 325-721-0497 Email: gingermurray1212@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: OF
Comments: I played softball on scholarship for the University of Nebraska. I bat right or left. I play anywhere in the outfield. I will layout for a ball and will slide anytime when running the bases. I am extremely fast. Just love to play! Please give me a call if you need a girl in your line up.
Name (Gender): Brian B (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8179866035 Email: bkbrisset@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Sundays only Position: Catcher or 2nd base or just batting
Comments: Went inactive since last season! Softball keeps me active... Lost a lot of weight last summer playing, will hustle for any team that needs help. I will not be arrogant and say that I am a great player it is the hustle that I give on the field that will grab the attention! Fast for my size, just love the game!
Name (Gender): James Weight (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8178058449 Email: Westonwright@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: Looking for a team to join. I can ayboys any positions. But prefer pitching and first base
Name (Gender): Don Anderson (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: Donaldanderson9787@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: Love playing ball been playing since I was a young kid played on teams in Chicago and in South Florida had my own team for four seasons haven't played in a few years ready to rock 'n' roll again though can play in the outfield position pretty decent base hitter also have a girlfriend that wants to play will play coed if available
Name (Gender): Brooks Robinson (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-992-0649 Email: robinsonbrooks74@yahoo.com
Day Desired: An Position: Any
Comments: I am 22 years old!! Looking to play a lot and trying to play coed for fun and I am a good player been playing for 18 years and I played college baseball!!
Name (Gender): Brian (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-986-6035 Email: bkbrisset@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Sundays only Position: anywhere needed
Comments: Looking to play for any team needing a player. I will not come across as over-confident in my play. Not saying I can't play good, but not the best. I have some weight behind me, but fast for my size. I swing the bat very well, mostly teams like me to play catcher. I do hustle, and very competitive. 40 years old, age does show, but the ability to play don't. I am decent. Very nice person just want a chance to be active... Text if needed out there most Sundays.
Name (Gender): Matt rowen (M) League: Coed
Phone #: 469-203-3351 Email: Mrowen34@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sundays Position: Outfielder or 1st
Comments: Solid outfielder decent just looking to get on a full time team.
Name (Gender): Ryan Godwin (M) League: Men
Phone #: 8063514589 Email: Rgodwin11@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Just want to play new to the area just want a chance to show people my skills
Name (Gender): Hailey Scarbrough (F) League: Any
Phone #: 8177197212 Email: Haileyscarbrough5@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Im fresh out of highschool where i played a year for our softball team. Im looking for any team willing to take me! I simply miss being on the field and want to keep my self fresh on the game!
Name (Gender): Laura Horton (F) League: Coed
Phone #: 682-351-3280 Email: bullittla@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday or Friday Position: OF, 2nd, some 1st
Comments: I'm 44 and a lot slower than I used to be, but I can still hit the ball and hold my own in the field. Totally average D player. (Woo-hoo!)
Name (Gender): Tanner (M) League: Any
Phone #: 972-639-6654 Email: Tnied23@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Position: Outfield
Comments: I'm a very good player
Name (Gender): Jeff (M) League: Men
Phone #: 2146735396 Email: Redden_23@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Tourney ball D class and up Position: Any where
Comments: Played college ball and started playing slow pitch last year.. U trip tourneys only at least D class
Name (Gender): Aaron Rachall (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 204 4842 Email: tallman0425@gmail.com
Day Desired: Open Position: Open
Comments: Looking to get back into the game played last couple of years looking to play again this year I've played multiple positions so don't mind moving around if need to
Name (Gender): Curtis Hollingsworth (M) League: Men
Phone #: 5054538612 Email: Hollingsworth.curtis@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Outfield
Comments: played off and on through out the years. 30 years old athletic can hit home runs and have my own bat.
Name (Gender): Ramona Vazquez (F) League: Any
Phone #: (580) 380-8699 Email: vazquezmona@yahoo.com
Day Desired: weekends, tournament ball Position: outfield or catcher
Comments: I have been playing softball all of my life including high school. I have played coed and women's softball for 5 years now and absolutely love to every chance I get. I am open to float.
Name (Gender): Kevin Maynes (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: Kevin@Babich.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: 20 years experience recreational softball player. Primary positions are pitcher, first base, second base, third base, and catcher. Looking for lower-level men's division or co-ed team.(Recently moved to Euless). Thanks.
Name (Gender): Aaron Rachall (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 204 4842 Email:
Day Desired: Any Position: First, outfield
Comments: I managed a softball team in Weatherford last year looking to play again this year
Name (Gender): TYLER CHANCE (M) League: Any
Phone #: 210-413-1989 Email: TYLERCHANCE@UPS.COM
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Name (Gender): Bill Larder (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-271-5452 Email: blarder1@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: What ever is needed
Comments: I have just recently started playing again with a work team, and would like to join another team. I am 31 and 200 lbs, so I still have wheels and can hit the ball. Looking for a team or some pickup games.
Name (Gender): Cindy Shipe (F) League: Any
Phone #: Email: cindyhamilton03@daltile.com
Day Desired: Position: 2nd and 3rd base
Comments: I've played softball since I was 9. I was playing on a hurst coed team at 2nd and 3rd base but our team kind of dissolved this season. I would love to get back on a regular team. I also have a guy who is interested in playing as well. He's played his whole life too.
Name (Gender): Austin cole (M) League: Any
Phone #: 6825539366 Email: coletrain2626@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Willing to work any positions need me too just try to get my feet wet again in the game. I'm 6'1 260 in good shape hit me up.
Name (Gender): Randy White (M) League: Men
Phone #: Email: randycwhite@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Mens D Position: first basemen /3b/c and some corner outfield if need be,
Comments: I am a very strong first basemen /3b/c and some corner outfield if need be, will hit bombs from time to time mainly a gap hitter. Looking for a new start with a positive group of guys who can have fun and win at the same time.
Name (Gender): Lena (F) League: Any
Phone #: 972-897-4802 Email: Mail@lenamariephoto.com
Day Desired: M-th or Sunday Position: Any, but prefer OF
Comments: Recently moved to the area. Played fast pitch in college (ncaa) for all 4 years in center, but am comfortable at any position. Was playing 4 nights a week in the past, so I'm ready to get on a team here. I'm interested in tournaments as well.
Name (Gender): Doug Miller (M) League: Any
Phone #: 682-472-9419 Email: dgsmllr@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Second base
Name (Gender): Yvette & Edwin (F) League: Any
Phone #: 6822305588 Email: Yvtrdz@gmail.com
Day Desired: Thursday or sunday, but open to any day Position: : Catcher, outfield
Comments: Me and my guy friend want to find a team to play together with.
Name (Gender): Ozzie rojas (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: Caliozzie212@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: I have been playing for about 4 years now in different leagues from rookie to AA. I have played on dirt and turf. I have a strong bat and decent speed with great defensive skills. Open to pretty much any night
Name (Gender): Christopher Marcks (M) League: Any
Phone #: (817)870-6866 Email: Chrismarcks1234@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: I'm 43 and have played softball,baseball most of my life.,.My jobs team isn't playing this year so I'm looking to find a team to play on...let me know...thanks....I also have a friend that would like to play too..if u need 2.
Name (Gender): Jay Garcia (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 779 1804 Email: siontax@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: Open
Comments: Lets play ball !!!! Please Text first ...I will call back.
Name (Gender): Kelley Cheesman (F) League: Any
Phone #: (614) 562-5461 Email: Kelleycheesman@yahoo.com
Day Desired: All but Friday Position: Prefer infield but can play outfield
Comments: Just moved from out of state and looking to join a team or be a sub when needed.
Name (Gender): Reed Enna (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: reedenna22@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: 21 years old. ex baseball player couple college offers but just worn out of it. looking for the next best thing, which is softball. looking for a competitive league. ss,3rd, outifeld is what i played in baseball and play now in a softball league
Name (Gender): Jordan Garcia League: Any
Phone #: 8177150687 Email:
Day Desired: Position: Mens E Class
Comments: Play tournaments all the time but I need a tournament team to pick up when I played two years of D1 college baseball
Name (Gender): Brooks Robinson (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8179920649 Email: robinsonbrooks74@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any where in the infield even pitch
Comments: Am a good player with a big bat! Just looking to play and tournament play too I play in college
Name (Gender): Megen Wulf (F) League: Any
Phone #: 6055538281 Email: mjwulf07@ole.augie.edu
Day Desired: Any Position: catcher, 1st, outfield
Name (Gender): Ben Davis (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: ellabendad@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: Great glove and good bat I'm a very active and athletic person. Would love to play on a team ready to hit and win a tournaments!!!
Name (Gender): Joseph (M) League: Any
Phone #: 318-773-0983 Email: Josephschreck@ymail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Outfield
Comments: Moved to the HEB area recently. I played in Shreveport/Bossier for years before moving here. 25 years old with good speed,strong bat, and great defensively. I have also played tournament ball as well. Looking for a team or just some pick up games.
Name (Gender): Chris Taylor (M) League: Any
Phone #: 214-205-8093 Email: racer_x1971@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Sundays, Thursdays Position: 1st, 2nd, Outfield
Comments: Really hoping to get on a fun COED, or E (maybe even D? I don't know how that works) team. Love to play!
Name (Gender): Scott Baskin (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 361 2041 Email: buttskin1@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Friday thru sunday Position: Any
Comments: Looking to play in any E or rec league been awhile since I played last.
Name (Gender): Jona Saenz (M) League: Coed
Phone #: 817-583-2420 Email: jonasaenz1@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Sundays Position: Any
Comments: Haven't really played softball since playing in a small league while stationed in hawaii. Been about 7 or so years. Played baseball growing up. Good glove, decent bat and quick on feet. Just send a text if needing a player.
Name (Gender): Jacob Patton (M) League: Any
Phone #: 972-839-8029 Email: jbpatton879@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Just moved from Austin, played everything from recreational coed to tournaments. Can play SS if needed.
Name (Gender): Jason Barber (M) League: Any
Phone #: 214-906-9583 Email: jason@iamscribe.com
Day Desired: Any Position: P, 1B, 3B, RF, LF
Comments: I can help anybody with the early games.
Name (Gender): Joseph McCauley (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8173132043 Email: bigjoeskater@msn.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: I want to play some softball!
Name (Gender): Christina C (F) League: Any
Phone #: 5204613027 Email: Cmcruz07@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday, Wednesday Position: first base
Comments: Played softball up until college, recently moved from Arizona looking to join a team, played in men's league a couple times, if you need references I've got plenty ha ha! Put me in coach!
Name (Gender): Omar & Briana (F) League: Any
Phone #: 9729006379 Email: Omarmontanez22@att.net
Day Desired: Friday Position: Any
Comments: My coworker and I want to join a coed team. We want to do this for fun and to stay active. Briana (22) played softball in high school and Omar (24) played one season of baseball but we're still sort of beginners.
Name (Gender): Daryll hambrock (M) League: Coed
Phone #: 2317888052 Email: Hamhawk89@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: OutField
Name (Gender): Brandon M (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: Bmccain2006@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: 2nd 3rd Rf
Comments: Just moved to the area from Columbus OH. Used to run my own team and sponsored the same team to play in tournaments from time to time. played rec with a few friends and subbed from time to time with comp team. Blew my arm out awhile back but consistent hitter that can spray it all over the field makes up for the lack of arm strength and can still move pretty decent. Just wanting to get to play a little and get of the house
Name (Gender): James (M) League: Coed
Phone #: 8174481472 Email: jegray2259@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Thursday Position: Any
Name (Gender): James (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: jamespatti38@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Monday Tuesday Position: 1B
Name (Gender): Jordan Garcia (M) League: Men
Phone #: 817-715-0687 Email: Jordangarcia2014@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 1B, OF
Comments: I am a former college baseball player, played at the D1 level. I am 6'2 220lbs, I am left handed and can play anywhere. I love to win and feel like I can assist any team in doing so.
Name (Gender): Case Hubbart (M) League: Any
Phone #: 940-765-3222 Email: casehubbart@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Monday Position: 3rd
Name (Gender): Clayton Ralston (M) League: Men
Phone #: 8174014501 Email: Ralston3318@gmail.com
Day Desired: Friday Position: Catcher, outfielder, shortstop,
Comments: Looking to have a good time play some ball and relax, I played catcher majority of the time, live close by to the park so I wouldn't have any problems making It. My brother is also looking to join in with me we both have years of experience, also raised up in a baseball playing family.
Name (Gender): Joe Schultz (M) League: Men
Phone #: 8178940276 Email:
Day Desired: Any Position: can play infield
Comments: Recently moved to HEB area looking to play. Work until 730 most nights, free on weekends also
Name (Gender): David Bravo (M) League: Any
Phone #: 6828089960 Email: charlieb559@gmail.com
Day Desired: Wednesday evenings, Saturday evenings, and all day sundays Position: Outfield
Comments: Hey all, I have experience playing in numerous leagues. I can only play Wednesday evenings, Saturday evenings, and anytime on Sundays. I prefer to play in the outfield, but will play where ever the team needs me. Hit me up if you need an all around player.
Name (Gender): The Sharpless Brothers (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: sharpless700@gmail.com
Day Desired: weekends, and plays tournament ball Position: all OutField
Comments: 18, and 20YO with extreme speed played baseball our entire life. Can play any position in the outfield. Play tournament ball also.
Name (Gender): Dustin Jenks (M) League: Any
Phone #: 6824297333 Email: Dustinjenks86@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position: 2B, SS
Comments: Ive played baseball since I was 4 and thruout Highschool, im looking to gave some fun and help a team win :)
Name (Gender): Aaron Rachall (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8172044842 Email: tallman0425@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: Played last year in Waterford had a lot of fun looking.for a team to join this year anytime is good
Name (Gender): JoJo League: Any
Phone #: Email: j.aranda3.ja@gmail.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: Anytime just message me and I'll play
Name (Gender): brad burkhalter (M) League: Any
Phone #: 9036240407 Email: bradburkhalter2013@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Name (Gender): Mindy Keylon (F) League: Any
Phone #: 516-395-4469 Email: Mindyvkeylon@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Left field
Comments: Moved to dfw last year and looking for a co-ed team. Played with a team for ten years in N.Y. before I moved back to Texas.
Name (Gender): Mark Huonder (M) League: Any
Phone #: 651-357-5723 (please text) Email: huond004@gmail.com
Day Desired: Open all but Friday and Saturday Position: Outfield, Pitcher, Catcher, 1B
Comments: Have played baseball or softball my entire life. Former college athlete. Play all OF positions, but prefer RF or RCF. 6'4" 29 yo. Good glove, good bat, good speed. Recent transplant from MN. Like to win, but the best part of softball is having a good time with your friends. Open to Co-rec as well.
Name (Gender): Mario Jackson (M) League: Any
Phone #: 9363717698 Email: Jesmario27@aol.com
Day Desired: Any day of the week Position: All positions except pitcher & catcher
Comments: Just moved to the area in November. I love the game, love to compete and win. I can play any position on the field adequately and my offense should make up for anything lacking in the field. I'm a team player and wouldn't complain if I had to be a substitute. I really just want to come out and throw the ball around the yard and have a good time. PLEASE PICK ME UP, I REALLY WANT TO PLAY!!!!!
Name (Gender): James Staton (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: Jas.staton@sbcglobal.net
Day Desired: Friday Position: Pitch
Comments: Looking for a team that needs a Pitcher for Friday nights. Can play P/C/1B/2B, but looking to pitch.
Name (Gender): Paul Nelson (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-223-6574 Email: rebpaul97@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any except pitcher
Comments: I've played softball off and on since college. I just like to play, pure and simple.
Name (Gender): Stacey Hesselbein (F) League: Any
Phone #: 636.293.2564 Email: shesselbein@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 1st, 3rd some outfield
Comments: Moved here a few months ago, played softball for 12 years want to get back to playing, just looking to join a laid back team to have some fun
Name (Gender): Rian Brassell (M) League: Any
Phone #: 773-575-1114 Email: goblue06@sbcglobal.net
Day Desired: Any Position: 1st base ( left handed)
Comments: I am a very good player who likes to win. I moved to FT worth from Chicago and is looking for a team to be with a long time.
Name (Gender): Erica Whitlock (F) League: Any
Phone #: 817-729-3326 Email: ericawhitlock@live.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Utility
Comments: Been playing 25 years, can play all positions, can catch, throw and bat. Have professional gear and ready to play. Available any date and time.
Name (Gender): James Miller (M) League: Any
Phone #: 214 243 6223 Email: Jmiller0819@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: outfield
Comments: Played in c/d league in houston. Also played baseball. New to dfw and would like to play again. I hav3 not played in a few years but i enjoy it very much. I can play any day anytime.
Name (Gender): john young (M) League: Any
Phone #: 724-987-3558 Email: cangy3@comcast.net
Day Desired: tuesday or weekends Position: outfield
Comments: available for league during the week and tournaments on the weekends.
Name (Gender): Trent Wheatley (M) League: Any
Phone #: 9726746511 Email: trentwheatley07@yahoo.com
Day Desired: ANy Position: all around play mainly outfield Contact
Comments: Big hitter great arm played softball since I was 18 didn't play last year team split up all around player looking for a team to have fun or be skilled
Name (Gender): Seth Asher (M) League: Any
Phone #: 210-213-9511 Email:
Day Desired: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Position: Catcher, first
Comments: Currently playing Tuesday night in Carrollton and Thursday night in FB. Looking to play a few more nights a week.
Name (Gender): Stacey Hesselbein (F) League: Any
Phone #: 636.293.2564 Email: shesselbein@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 1st, 3rd some outfield
Comments: Moved here a few months ago, played softball for 12 years want to get back to playing, just looking to join a laid back team to have some fun
Name (Gender): Xavier Cintron (M) League: Any
Phone #: 813-774-1895 Email: x_cintron@hotmail
Day Desired: Monday through Thursday Position: Utility
Comments: Just moved from Florida where I played a lot, looking to join a team or two to play a couple nights a week. Also wanting to play tournaments a couple weekends a month. Righty throwing/lefty hitter Play primarily infield but can also play outfield
Name (Gender): Yanci Mumba (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-606-9180 Email: Any
Day Desired: Friday, Saturday, Sunday Position: Any
Comments: Looking forward to playing. Very Excited
Name (Gender): Ryan Bairrington (M) League: Any
Phone #: 903-229-0334 Email: ryan.bairrington@go.tarleton.edu
Day Desired: Sunday Position: First Base, Third Base, Catcher
Comments: Im looking to play and possibly join a team. Position flex. I played catcher and first base in college.
Name (Gender): Thomas Noah (M) League: Any
Phone #: 6824389748 Email: thomasbnoah@aol.com
Day Desired: Sundays Position: any, universal player
Comments: Used to play C/D league for Gateway Church 3 years ago
Name (Gender): Bryan Taylor "Wagner" (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-948-2057 Email: Bryantaylor1313@gmail.com
Day Desired: Saturday's and Sunday's Position: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Comments: I'm just looking to play anywhere. Currently play baseball and looking for more playing time in softball. I am classed as an E player.
Name (Gender): Stephanie (F) League: Any
Phone #: 2145188446 Email: spoetic11@yahoo.com
Day Desired: friday Position: 1st, 2nd, pitch
Comments: Can play on weekends as well, mon and wed can play after 7:30, tues and thurs after 8:30. Women's or Coed is fine, I just miss playing.
Name (Gender): Bob Honcho League: Any
Phone #: 2147930301 Email: Rjhounchell@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 3b, SS, 2b
Comments: I have played baseball since 7. I have played in various softball leagues throughout the years. I have always played infield. Quick reflexes, strong arm, and a solid hitter. I am looking to get out and meet some new people. Any day of the week is fine with me!
Name (Gender): Amy Kirsch (F) League: Any
Phone #: 682-225-7005 Email: akirsch34@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Friday or Sunday Position: Infield
Comments: I played college softball years ago. Add me to your last minute list on your phone for when you are in desparate need of a player. I live just 8 minutes away from the field and always have my glove in the car.
Name (Gender): Shaunna Hargrave (F) League: Women
Phone #: 830-370-9418 Email: msfit82@hotmail.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: I am looking to join a team. I really enjoy playing softball and would love to have the opportunity to do so while meeting new people.
Name (Gender): Agathon Soler (M) League: Any
Phone #: 2102147384 Email: soleragathon@gmail.com
Day Desired: Monday Thru Monday Position: Outfield
Comments: Good player. Played in San Antonio High level ball. Line drive and long ball hitter. Speedster. Do BP few times a week if anyone is interested.
Name (Gender): John Garrigues (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-501-3183 Email: JGarrigues@goutsi.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: Out Field
Comments: I would like to build a Men's or Coed team from the free agent list but I am also open to joining a existing team just want to have some fun contact me if you are interested.
Name (Gender): Phil Janco (M) League: Any
Phone #: 469-919-9218 Email: Pjanco@darlinghomes.com
Day Desired: Thursday Position: 2nd, and outfield
Comments: Played juco ball. Was playing in grapevine but all the rain ruined the fields and looking for a new team.
Name (Gender): Matt and Ashley (F) League: Coed
Phone #: 909-706-0816 Email: mlbellue@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position: : Him: Anywhere, including P Her: OF
Comments: We are a couple looking to join a Sunday Coed Rec team together. Looking for a laid back team that plays to have fun. He has played for years, she is fairly new to the sport but loves it.
Name (Gender): Les Perry (M) League: Any
Phone #: Email: reddperry52@gmail.com
Day Desired: Sunday Position:
Comments: Talented ball player looking to join a Sunday Team. Very athletic and dependable
Name (Gender): Elizabeth Murphy (F) League: Any
Phone #: 4027103127 Email: lmurphy@srtequipment.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Any
Comments: I'm just a person who used to play softball, and misses it. I've never been extremely talented at any position; I'm mostly looking to have fun and get some exercise. However, I'm also willing to work hard in order to improve :). Please feel free to contact me via email, text, or call.
Name (Gender): Robert Sipraseuth (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-946-3077 Email: bsis817@aol.com
Day Desired: Friday Position: Anything but 1st base
Comments: I'm looking for either Men's Rec or Coed Rec. I have always wanted to play softball and looking to get into another sport besides kickball and dodgeball. This will be my first time playing softball for a league. I'm athletic with some speed.
Name (Gender): Tony Valadez (M) League: Men
Phone #: 8176826923 Email: valadez.luis.a@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: P, C, 1st, 2nd
Comments: Just looking to play, don't mind paying if anyone needs an extra player for league.
Name (Gender): Arturo (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 779 0130 Email: Manmade817@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 1st base, 3rd base, 2nd base and catcher
Comments: I play on men's and coed on Sunday's looking for a team during the week
Name (Gender): Dylan Peacock (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817 995 3951 Email: bigdeal2you@gmail.com
Day Desired: Friday Position: right field
Comments: I used to play for a men's B league about 3 years ago and had to stop due to an injury. I am ready to start playing again but need a team.
Name (Gender): Julian Sanchez (M) League: Any
Phone #: 2149985013 Email: alvin.b.shepherd@gmail.com
Day Desired: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Position: C, 1, RF, EH, RC
Comments: Looking to pick up again after taking some time off since my usual league won't come around until March. Willing to pay, and normally play E mens or coed, can pickup also with about an hours notice
Name (Gender): ronn ausborne (M) League: Any
Phone #: 8176586410 Email: ronn2432@yahoo.com
Day Desired: sunday Position: first base
Comments: Would like a men's senior league or a coed league
Name (Gender): Adil Mumtaz (M) League: Any
Phone #: 817-909-1681 Email: Adilmumtaz7@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: Pitch and OF
Comments: Throw and hit right. Push and go up the middle.
Name (Gender): Jaclyn Jakeway (F) League: Any
Phone #: Email: jackie.jakeway@omnihotels.com
Day Desired: Position:
Comments: I recently moved to Las Colinas from Michigan. I've played in many competative softball leagues, I can play anywhere in the in feild but usually first base. I have a hectic work schedule but I would really love to join a team, or fill in as a sub whenever possible
Name (Gender): Rolando Pastrana (M) League: Any
Phone #: 646-469-6593 Email:
Day Desired: Week nights, Weekends Position: Infield,
Comments: I've played baseball until I was 32 and have been playing travel fast pitch softball since then. I've played in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic against top talented ball players. Looking to play weeknight a or weekends, fill in during tournaments.
Name (Gender): Julian (M) League: Any
Phone #: 661-233-2175 Email: julianjets@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 1B, OF
Comments: Played baseball in college and numerous tourney teams. Just moved to the state
Name (Gender): Jose Hernandez (M) League: Any
Phone #: 4693486984 Email: j.hernandez.3205@gmail.com
Day Desired: Any Position: right field, Mid right field, catcher
Comments: looking to play again i played for 2 years in grapevine league.
Name (Gender): Misty Tucker (F) League: Any
Phone #: 940-395-6493 Email: mistytucker12@yahoo.com
Day Desired: Any Position: 2nd Base, Outfield
Comments: I have moved to this area and am looking for a team. I have played my entire life with most recent teams in Carrollton, Plano and The Colony. I have a good bat and love to win!!
Name (Gender): Hannah Castens (F) League: Any
Phone #: 4044084377 Email: hannahcastens@yahoo.com
Day Desired: M, T, W, TH, F Position: 3B/2B/SS/OF
Comments: New to the area and looking for a league - played fastpich growing up and Coed Rec ball for several years. Competitive but a little rusty. Just want to get back into the game.