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Horticulture Report

Summer is finally here!!!

Warm weather, longer days, and lots of things to consider when spending time with family and friends enjoying the great outdoors. With the recent record breaking rainfall, mosquitoes can become a huge nuisance. There are many plants that can be placed in your landscape to repel mosquitoes naturally. By placing Citronella, Marigolds, Horsemint, Catnip, and Rosemary you are making excellent plant choices that will last all summer long.

In the summer months, drought tolerant plant choices are very important to conserve water. In the city medians and city parks there are many drought tolerant plants like, Medusa Ornamental Pepper, Pentas, Mexican Feather Grass, Lantana, Texas Primrose, Yuccas, and Drift Roses. Also by placing 3 Inches of mulch in landscape beds, this will help to contain moisture and keep weeds under control.

For questions or information call the City of Euless Parks
"Horticulture Hotline" at 817-685-1652.