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2018 Rehabilitation of Runway 17C/35C

May - Dec 2018

DFW International Airport would like to inform you of the upcoming runway rehabilitation work of Runway 17C/35C that will take place through December that could affect air traffic in your vicinity.  Surrounding communities may experience an increase in noise within their neighborhoods from the effects of the change in operations during the runway closure.

DFW Airport began major rehabilitation work on the m Runway 17C/35C on May 24. This work will include partial closures for a few months, followed by full closure of the runway in August. DFW Airport’s engineers have discovered a way to complete the necessary work, while only having the runway closed for four months. This is normally a two year process.

Runway 17C/35C is 13,400 feet long and it DFW Airport’s primary arrival runway, handling approximately 40% of DFW arrivals daily. The runway was built in 1984 and is in need of significant rehabilitation.

DFW intends to rehabilitate this runway, which entails:

  • Replacement of the center third of the runway, about 6,000 feet;
  • Asphalt resurfacing of the entire runway length;
  • Rehabilitation of the parallel taxiway, Taxiway M (This work will be done after the runway reopens).

To avoid future runway closures and related impacts, DFW also plans to concurrently:

  • Install Runway Status Light System;
  • Build a portion of Northeast End Around Taxiway in runway environment.

For complete details and project timelines, please visit:

[Full Runway Closure]

[Partial Runwa Closure]