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Keeping Your Pond Low Maintenance

February 7, 2019, 7 p.m.
Euless City Hall, 201 N. Ector Dr.

[Everything Fishy]Ponds are a beautiful, relaxing addition to our backyards. However, they are also a lot of hard work. It can be challenging to keep your pond water clear and the fish healthy.

If you would like to maintain the quality of your pond, without the hard work, please join us as the owner of Everything Fishy, Alice Burkhart, gives tips and tricks on finding the Easy Button for backyard ponds.

About the Speaker:
Alice Burkhart owns Everything Fishy, an aquarium and pond maintenance company. She started the company 1999 and it has continued to grow. Alice cultivates her love for the job and expertise by owning 13 aquariums, 4 ponds, a greenhouse stocktank and an aquaponics farm. She also gardens extensively and keeps chickens and honeybees.