Finance & Budget Office

2013 - 2014 Tax Information

Sales Tax Rate

State: 6.25%
General Fund 1.00%  
Property Tax Reduction 0.25%  
Economic Development, Parks, & Library 0.50%  
Crime Control & Prevention 0.25%  
City: 2.00%
Total: 8.25%

Total City Sales Tax Collections

Hotel/Motel Tax

The City of Euless levies a hotel/motel occupancy tax on hotel/motel room rentals for less than 30 days within the Euless city limits. 7%

Short-Term Motor Vehicle Tax

Short-term motor vehicle rentals within Euless city limits 5%
*Funds generated from DFW Airport are divided equally among Euless, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

Property Tax Rates

Rate per $100 Assessed Value

City of Euless $0.470000
Tarrant County College $0.149500
Tarrant County $0.264000
JPS County Hospital $0.227897
HEB ISD $1.387500
GC ISD $1.320100
Total (HEB ISD) $2.498897
Total (GC ISD) $2.431497

Overlapping Tax Liability

City Property Tax Rate History


Homestead 20%
Over 65 $35,000
Sr. Citizen Property Tax FreezeAs of 2004 Tax Year