Court Appearances

The law requires that you appear in court on your case on the date that has been set. You must appear at the court in person to set the court date. If you were released on bond, your court date is set on the bond or you must contact the court for an appearance date. You or your attorney must make an appearance in person at the court office, enter your plea, and obtain a trial date if desired. Juveniles have a separate set of rules for their appearance.

If you waive a jury trial and plead guilty or nolo contendere (no contest), you may talk to the Judge about extenuating circumstances that you want the Judge to consider when setting your fine, but the Judge is not required to reduce your fine. If you plead not guilty, the Court will schedule a date for your trial and provide you a copy of your new appearance date. The Court will schedule a jury trial unless you waive that right. If you waive your right to a jury trial, the trial will be before the Judge.

Court Dockets

All dockets are posted online for your convenience by using the Court Docket Listing.