Register Your Pet Online

Registering your dog or cat will allow Euless Animal Services to quickly locate you if your pet is lost. You do not have to bring the pet to the Animal Shelter in order to register it. Registration can take place online or over the phone by calling 817-685-1594. Please be prepared to provide a current rabies tag number.

Once your pet is registered, you will receive an ID Tag for your pet with your pet's personal identification number. Voluntary registration is free. However, if Animal Services picks up an unregistered pet, you will be charged a registration fee of $10 before the dog or cat is released from the Animal Shelter.

No one ever expects that their pet might get lost, but no matter how cautious you are or how well-trained your pet is, it can happen. Ensure your pet's safety and register it with Euless Animal Services today!

If you've already registered online, you can access your account by using the number from your pet's ID tag or the access code you were provided to sign in.